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Comprehensive wealth management

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Private Investor
Designed around a process that seeks to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique investment objectives.
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Investment Management
To preserve the value of wealth for our global client base as we seek to protect invested assets.
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The Client Experience
A more targeted approach to the important management of their future financial security.
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We understand that no two clients are the same and that circumstances and lifestyle choices dictate that long-term planning is unique to the specific characteristics of each client under our care.

Our financial planning specialists work with clients whose circumstances are often very different from one another. Planning for life events and providing the ability to maintain a lifestyle of choice is central to the comprehensive wealth management service we provide.

Planning For a Lifestyle of Comfort

In order to offer a truly custom wealth management solution, we must first gain a deep understanding of what each client is aiming for to ensure a future of financial comfort. Addressing long-term goals and providing for day-to-day requirements helps us to create a vision of the future. This also sets levels of expectation for targets positioned at specific intervals in an evolving plan.

Whether you are planning for the education needs of children, the dream of a second home or assistance with a wealth succession plan, Harbour Corp. comprehensive range of wealth solutions will guide you and your loved ones towards a financially secure future.

Financial Planning

Providing for daily requirements whilst planning to achieve financial goals and lifestyle aspirations.

Asset Allocation

Strategic and tactical asset allocation to ensure risk adjusted returns.

Trust & Estate Management

Managing the complex responsibilities that come with the possession of significant wealth.

Family Office Services

Ensuring individual and collective family values whilst protecting the value of long term assets.

Life-long Financial Preparation

Harbour Corp. financial planning experts work closely with clients to develop a deep understanding of current and long term aspirations. We address clients’ current needs whilst considering the potential impact of future income and critical life events. This detailed process helps our experts to create a vision of the future set to client expectations that are shaped on the delivery of future cash flow and targeted to provide for a predetermined sequence of milestones.

By creating a vision based on clearly defined expectations, our clients are able to judge our performance based on a benchmark of delivery. As financial management professionals, we are ultimately judged on our performance and on our ability to deliver on our promises. As a testament to these principles, Harbour Corp. continues to serve our clients and their families, and often across multiple generations.

For Individuals and Families

We have a proud history of helping our clients and their families to efficiently manage their financial well-being. By including the financial factors that we believe encompasses a comprehensive wealth solution, clients experience the benefits of value creation as investment returns are linked with globally diversified, tax efficient strategies to maximize wealth accumulation.

We are also happy to work in conjunction with any existing financial strategies through a coordinated effort with the respected advisers and legal representatives that are clients may already be with.

For Trustees

Our global presence has positioned Harbour Corp. as a provider of choice for a dynamic group of investors located in over 40 jurisdictions worldwide. As a result of this expansion, our capabilities extend to deliver a range of financial planning services backed by tax and legal expertise. This ensures that the advice and implementation of specific services are relevant to promote cohesion across each dimension of an evolving strategy.

Company overview

Investment manager of choice

Founded in 2017, Harbour Corp. has grown to become the investment manager of choice for its global client base.

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Harbour Corp.

Value driven investment opportunities

Recognized for its commitment to building long-standing relationships through the provision of custom solutions.

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Competitive Edge

Seeking to diversify further

Critical financial decisions for primary business operations can often have a major effects on the execution of strategy.

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For more information on the services we offer and how you can benefit by becoming a Harbour Corp. client, please get in touch.