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Private Investor
Designed around a process that seeks to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique investment objectives.
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Wealth Management
Our financial planning specialists work with clients whose circumstances are often very different from one another.
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Investment Management
To preserve the value of wealth for our global client base as we seek to protect invested assets.
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Harbour Corp. was formed on the strength of clients whose preferences demanded access to a more tailored approach to the management of their wealth. These private investors prefer to take a more targeted approach to the important management of their future financial security.

Client Service Standards

Harbour Corp. recognize that successful investment management is more than the delivery of satisfactory returns. In order to create a best-in-class investment experience, our clients’ expectations must be aligned with a specific set of conditions that are entirely unique to the personal and professional situation of each individual.

Working closely with clients on a one-to-one basis, Harbour Corp. has a proven track record of achieving and exceeding client expectations. We take the time to help clients identify areas of financial potential and guide them towards a more financially secure future.

What to Expect as Our Client

Harbour Corp. is committed to providing clients with a best-in-class investment experience that exceeds the performance and service expectations of our clients. We have developed a range of financial management services around the unique needs and preferences of each client as together we pursue a series of specified goals.

Trusted Financial Advisers

The Harbour Corp. team of professionals are selected not only on their skills as financial management experts but also on personality and character traits that match the culture and ethos of the firm. We understand that financial performance is the most important part of a successful experience but we also believe that a high quality of client service standard is of equal importance.

A team of professionals is formed and designated to work tirelessly towards meeting client specific goals dependent on the level and type of service our clients require. Clients will find that they have direct and unrestricted access to their team of professionals who will be able to give advice on any unique or complicated situation that may arise.

Teams are formed to ensure that every area of the investment experience is handled by a professional with the expertise required for that specific field or discipline. Clients who wish to incorporate tax planning strategies with their investment management services will find that advice on their specific situation is given and implemented in line with their needs.

A dedicated administration officer is also assigned to the team to ensure that documentation is processed and stored in line with regulatory requirements and reporting standards.


Our company/client relationships are built on trust:

  • Trust in our ability to perform as a leading wealth management firm.
  • Trust in our ability to deliver on our promises.
  • Trust in our ability to maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality.


Our clients can expect an open and transparent service in their dealings with all members of the Harbour Corp. team. Our professionals will provide clear and concise communications to provide a detailed understanding of how decisions are likely to shape a successful investment experience. Costs, compensation of services to the inner-workings of tax related matters and more complex transactions will be fully explained and disclosed at all points of the investment process.

Timely Communication

Our clients have direct and unrestricted access to a designated point of contact to provide frequent communication and performance commentary at the convenience of each client.


Educational insights are provided to accommodate the potential that market movements may have on the performance of a portfolio. Whether a discretionary or advisory solution is required, each clients can expect to be kept fully informed on achievable scenarios as their investments evolve.

Company overview

Investment manager of choice

Founded in 2017, Harbour Corp. has grown to become the investment manager of choice for its global client base.

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Harbour Corp.

Value driven investment opportunities

Recognized for its commitment to building long-standing relationships through the provision of custom solutions.

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Competitive Edge

Seeking to diversify further

Critical financial decisions for primary business operations can often have a major effects on the execution of strategy.

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For more information on the services we offer and how you can benefit by becoming a Harbour Corp. client, please get in touch.