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Private Investor
Designed around a process that seeks to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique investment objectives.
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Wealth Management
Our financial planning specialists work with clients whose circumstances are often very different from one another.
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The Client Experience
A more targeted approach to the important management of their future financial security.
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Investment Management Services

The primary focus of Harbour Corp. is to preserve the value of wealth for our global client base as we seek to protect invested assets from the turbulences of an increasingly volatile investment landscape.

As value investors we believe that wealth generation is a direct result of a diligent wealth preservation investment strategy. In this instance we continue to help our clients to achieve their objectives irrespective of market conditions.

Premium Platform of Investments

Harbour Corp. maintain and manage a premium platform of investments as the core foundation in the development of client portfolios. In the majority of these cases, investments held within the platform have been maintained for long-term periods and have accumulated in value over that time.

This ensures portfolio managers are in a position of strength as they begin to allocate assets as part of a diversified portfolio in pursuit of value creation from the outset. Our investment management capabilities are deeply rooted in our diligent approach to investing. Portfolios are customized around the needs, circumstances and capabilities of each client as individual strategies combine to realize financial objectives.

Investment Framework

A proven investment process using in-house modern research in identifying value driven investments across a range of diversified asset classes.

Fixed Income

Actively managed high quality corporate and sovereign bond issues to enhance the benefits of portfolio diversification for the client.

Equity Investments

Dynamic global equity investment strategies focus on the delivery of absolute returns in-line with risk adjusted performance.

Alternative Investments

Managing portfolio risk with uncorrelated alternative asset classes encourages a greater level of performance irrespective of market conditions

Investment Framework

Flexible Investment Framework

Offering a comprehensive investment experience that satisfies the dynamic needs of our global client base, Harbour Corp. provide clients with access to a broad spectrum of financial management discipline to encourage the benefits of portfolio diversification.

Proven Investment Process

Portfolios are individually crafted to align with the investment preferences of each client under our care. With our independent status and our level of flexibility, Harbour Corp. are able to adhering to a time honored investment process that places emphasis on liquidity as we proactively optimize the allocation of assets in line with economic shifts.

Company overview

Investment manager of choice

Founded in 2017, Harbour Corp. has grown to become the investment manager of choice for its global client base.

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Harbour Corp.

Value driven investment opportunities

Recognized for its commitment to building long-standing relationships through the provision of custom solutions.

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Competitive Edge

Seeking to diversify further

Critical financial decisions for primary business operations can often have a major effects on the execution of strategy.

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