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Absolute Returns Irrespective of Market Conditions

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Mission and Values
A more specialized, custom approach to the planning and management of their invested assets.
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Company Overview
Founded in 2017, Harbour Corp. has grown to become the investment manager of choice for its global client base.
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Harbour Corp. continues to adhere to the investment principles that have successfully served its global client base through a series of economic cycles.

We maintain a belief that our decision making processes must evolve in-line with an ever changing investment landscape. We remain committed to the following components of flexibility, risk management, discipline and transparency.

Each component promotes an intelligent approach to the identification and management of profitable asset allocation. Together, the components combine to deliver a best-in-class strategic plan to govern and optimize the efficient deployment of resources as they navigate increasing levels of volatility through exposure to different investment sectors.

Approach to Investment

  • Flexibility
    As markets are inefficient and becoming less predictable with each day, we prefer to position capital with underlying levels of liquidity to facilitate the swift movement of assets in anticipation of emerging threats and to capitalize on favorable opportunities.
  • Risk Management
    Harbour Corp. investment strategies make conservative and unrestricted use of asset-level leverage across financial sectors. The results of this diversified approach creates an uncorrelated portfolio of high performing assets that have the potential to participate and capitalize through a range of key performing economies.
  • Discipline
    Our professionals are selected on not only their merits as financial management experts but as a complimentary match to the underlying principles that form the foundations of our disciplined approach to client investments. This ensures that each client under our care receives our dedicated attention to ultimately promote a satisfactory investment experience.
  • Transparency
    Harbour Corp. has a culture of ethical practice, strong corporate governance and a committed responsibility to upholding business transparency in-line with regulated best practices. Our commission structure is clearly disclosed and is typically charged as a percentage of performance on an absolute returns basis. We do not make charges for extraordinary transactions, financing, administration or annual fees. In the cases where a special situation demands charges on top of those associated with regular transactions, Harbour Corp. will fully disclose the terms and conditions of such charges.

Harbour Corp.

Value driven investment opportunities

Recognized for its commitment to building long-standing relationships through the provision of custom solutions.

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Private Investor

Leveraged finance and investment

Designed around a process that seeks to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique investment objectives.

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Competitive Edge

Seeking to diversify further

Critical financial decisions for primary business operations can often have a major effects on the execution of strategy.

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