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Developing a Competitive Edge

With our industry expertise and knowledge,
corporations and institutions have access
to a range of investment banking and financing solutions.

Our Advice, Your Decisions

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We believe that the ‘independent adviser’ model
continues to provide clients with a dedicated service
focused entirely on meeting their unique needs.

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Investment Management Services

The primary focus of Harbour Corp. is to preserve the value of wealth for our
global client base as we seek to protect invested assets from the
turbulences of an increasingly volatile investment landscape.

Welcome to Harbour Corp.

Harbour Corp. is a leading investment provider of comprehensive wealth solutions.

We serve a global client base comprised of individuals, families and institutions in pursuit of financial and investment success.

Established in 2017, Harbour Corp. is recognized for its commitment to building long-standing relationships through the provision of custom solutions that target the specific needs of each client under management.

We believe that in order to deliver the very best investment experience our performance as financial professionals must be supported by an ability to meet the service standards clients expected from a leading investment practice.

Comprehensive wealth management

Wealth Management

Our financial planning specialists work with clients whose circumstances are often very different from one another. Planning for life events and providing the ability to maintain a lifestyle of choice is central to the comprehensive wealth management service we provide.

Become a client

The Client Experience

Becoming a Harbour Corp. client is a simple and straightforward process.

Company overview

Value driven investment opportunities

Founded in 2017, Harbour Corp. has grown to become the investment manager of choice for its global client base.

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Private Investor

Leveraged finance and investment

Designed around a process that seeks to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique investment objectives.

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Competitive Edge

Seeking to diversify further

Critical financial decisions for primary business operations can often have a major effects on the execution of strategy.

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An Alternative on Traditional Investment Strategy

Investment Management

Fluctuating markets have a direct impact on the way investment strategies are shaped in order to ensure satisfactory, risk-adjusted performance in line with client preferences. Traditional ‘buy and hold’ equity strategies no longer present investors with the highest probability to meet their performance expectations even when combined with a safeguard balance of cash and fixed income positions.

For more information on the services we offer and how you can benefit by becoming a Harbour Corp. client, please get in touch.